Letters to the Editor

Cannabidiol oil

These children need the medication for sure and I support them having access to it; however, I have to ask the question, since the bill makes no arrangements for growing or production of CBD oil. How do the people obtain it without committing a federal crime for interstate transportation of narcotics?

I attended one of the Senate committee hearings, and I heard one of the senators make a statement after a question about producing the oil was raised. He said, “They can purchase the oil online from Amazon.” The majority of the senators’ heads moved up and down like bobble-heads. It became quite obvious to me that they (the senators) don’t know the difference between Hempseed oil and CBD oil.

How can our legislators make decisions regarding the lives of children without investigating the issues? They either don’t care (which I don’t believe ) or they are being misinformed by those who have another agenda.

Note: A bill to allow access to CBD oil for seizure patients was passed in the Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Butch Otter.

Dave Davis, Boise