Letters to the Editor

Idaho Legislature

The 2015 Legislative session ended with Sen. Brent Hill declaring how proud he is of what was accomplished. Not so fast.

A bill to end pension perks for Idaho lawmakers was killed by Brent Hill, without a hearing. The transportation bill garnered a paltry $95 million to cover an annual need of $262 million. This important bill was continually pushed off to the 11th hour. Not being compliant with federal child support rules because we are worried about the possible impact of Sharia law. Seriously?

Some individuals do need a special shout out. Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll for being an expert not only on Hinduism but also Sharia law. Rep. Christy Perry for her stance on children dying without medical care. And Vito Barbieri — enough said.

Idaho deserves better than the current good ol’ boys (and girls) form of government that rewards cronyism, or has the mindset that poking a finger in the eye of the federal government is more important than doing the right thing for Idaho. Perhaps we would have more road money if we accepted federal funds, didn’t engage in fraudulent broadband contracts, or pay outside lawyers when we don’t like our attorney general’s opinion.

Janell Carr, Boise