Letters to the Editor

Luker isn't listening

Read the April 17 Statesman articles about the Uniform Interstate Family Security Act if you care about Idaho kids. The “Otter won’t commit ” article showed his lack of leadership to Idaho’s kids. The “Q&A” article clearly showed how this law helps U.S. states and countries that America has a treaty with to find and process $205 million in child support affecting 400,000 Idahoans, including 183,000 children. Without passing these new amendments, nine negligent Idaho House members jeopardize an additional loss of $46 million of U.S. aid to needy Idaho families unless our part-time governor, Otter, calls a special session to fix this problem.

Lynn Luker, of Boise, voted no, claiming “they’re changing the game” and “need an independent analysis.” However, the law has been in effect since the 1980s Reagan administration and expanded in 1996. Crapo, Risch, Simpson or even Labrador had no objections to new treaty amendments but every state needs to approve for its families. The independent analysis did come from Idaho’s own state attorneys, and they said there is no problem. The only problem is that Luker is not listening to reason. That is reason enough to replace him.

(Note: Gov. Butch Otter has called a special session to deal with SB1067 on May 18.)

Ed Wardwell, Boise