Letters to the Editor

Legislators’ shameful on child support law

OK Idaho: Drumroll please. Announcing the 2015 All-Idaho Roll-of-Shame winners. And they are: Sheryl Nuxoll, Thomas Dayley, Lynn Luker, Shannon McMillan, Kathleen Sims, Janet Trujillo, Don Cheatham, Ryan Kerby, Ronald Nate and Heather Scott. These are the so-called legislators who profess to speak for authentic, in-the-trenches Idahoans. Really? You’re kidding, right? And let’s give special recognition to Rep. Lynn Luker and Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll for going above-and-beyond in their paranoid, nut-job interpretation of the simple legislation in front of them. Tin hats indeed.

And the losers are? You guessed it: Every single mother, every single father and every single child of divorce in the entire state of Idaho who count on child support payments to literally make it to the next month. In other words, the Republicans favorite prey: the innocents who can’t fight back. Are Idaho Republicans cowards? You decide. Look at their voting records. Which groups do they protect and which groups do they prey on?

We can do better Idaho. Please remember those names. In the next election, do the right thing for a change. The innocents (perhaps one of your friends, neighbors or relatives) are counting on you. See you at the polls.

Joe Numbers, Boise