Letters to the Editor

Legislature works overtime without solving problems

Our illustrious Legislature did it again, worked overtime without taking care of the most pressing problems such as child support regulations.

The same people who are staying in office by preaching anti-abortion are the same ones who could care less about children’s survival. Their callousness is utterly incredible. I am not for abortion, however, I believe the children living in Idaho are entitled to a better life than they are getting under this administration. And for some of these legislators using Sharia Law as an excuse boggles the mind, when in reality they just don’t want to deal with the federal government. And here lately it appears some of our lawmakers enjoy being in the national spotlight for making ignorant remarks.

This session found money for changing the primary, fighting the wolves, etc., on top of the lawsuits incurred by inept officials. Can we really afford to lost another $46 million at the expense of innocent children? I implore you to call your elected officials and rattle their cages.

Ingeborg A. Albritton, Weiser