Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bergdahl

I am so impressed with Christianne Campbell’s April 12 letter about Bowe Bergdahl. I heard right after he was brought home that he had been discharged from the Coast Guard and then went into the Army. My thoughts have been, if this young man was discharged from the Coast Guard, how did the Army justify taking him and putting him in the middle of a war? As far as I’m concerned his family has a lawsuit against the U.S. Army for all they have been through because of this.

Could this possibly be because President Obama brought him home? We need to quit this party and that party and remember we are and should act like Americans.

Bowe doesn’t deserve to be locked up or looked down on. He offered his service and did his best. People in charge messed up.

Why doesn’t our governor do something about this and stick up for an Idahoan, or would that be going against a party? Bowe has earned the money they owe him for putting him in that position.

Trudy Day, Boise