Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support bill

I was shocked to read in the April 11 paper how that the presence of Muslims and their Sharia law in the state of Idaho through the tabling of SB 1067 are preventing 400,000 parents and children from receiving $200 million a year for poor children in our state because SB 1067 would allow us to use enforcement tools necessary to collect child support payments from parents living in other states. Although I agree with Reps. Heather Scott, Sheryl Nuxoll and Don Cheatham that I oppose any Idaho law that would support any Sharia law in Idaho, please run an article from their lawyer giving an example of how enforcing this law would negatively impact any child in our state. Could it be like Rifqa Bary, the Muslim teenager from Atlanta, who converted to Christianity and ran away from home because she was afraid she would be murdered by her parents for “apostasy” because she “dishonored” her family name according to Sharia law? I would never support any law that would allow them to murder Rifqa. Because the welfare of our children is so important, House Speaker Scott Bedke should have tweaked SB 1067 to prevent such scenarios.

James Richard, Emmett