Letters to the Editor

Letter: VA

Congratulations on The Associated Press hit piece on the Boise VA that you published April 9.

A lot of people read the headline and the first paragraph of a story to see whether or not to continue. The article waits until the last to cover the huge area the Boise VA serves. It doesn’t take into consideration the problems this area has attracting doctors, even in private practice. Boise does send some patients to other areas, such as heart patients to Seattle, but it takes some time, and that isn’t all the Boise VA’s fault.

In my case I went to the emergency room one evening with pain. I arrived about 4 p.m. I was seen within about 10 minutes, was in a room by 5 p.m. and was operated on the next morning. I received excellent care for my stay. I have been a patient since 2010, I have had two surgeries and regular patient visits. I have received excellent care in all areas. I think your headline, while maybe a partial fact, was misleading at best.

Tom Hewlett, Emmett