Letters to the Editor

Letter: Public lands

Ever notice when someone does not wish to have a dialogue of discussion or will not truly and openly state their positions, they resort to name-calling and obfuscation of the facts being presented to them? Such is the case of Brad Brooks of the Idaho Wilderness Society when he states the takeover of public lands is a state “scam.”

A scam is a fraudulent business scheme intended to swindle someone. It is based on the presumption of not presenting all the facts in an attempt to take from someone their property or personal possession. Placing doubt and fear into the mind of the mark is how a scammer is successful.

In this case those who have supported the transfer of public lands have presented facts and made a case for state ownership. Unfortunately for Mr. Brooks, these arguments are making sense to citizens of Western states, and our Eastern counterparts are recognizing the inequitable treatment we have been subject to. An over-reaching federal bureaucracy and an overzealous environmental community are hellbent on imposing their ideals of how these lands should be administered. Rather than facing ideas of possibilities they construct strawman arguments to raise doubt and instill fear into our citizenry.

Just who is scamming who here?

Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Commissioner