Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

There is nothing plain and simple about the St. Luke’s takeover of the beautiful East End area. I have watched as they confiscated Bannock Street and surrounding historic homes. This, I thought, was necessary to expand the hospital as needed. Then came the yellow flashing lights on Idaho and Main streets. Now this?

Harris Ranch area has and will build thousands of homes which will empty onto Warm Springs. The proposed St. Luke’s expansion proposes 1,200 new parking spaces. Currently, when you travel east on Main Street and encounter the intersection at Broadway at 3:30 p.m., after you maneuver past the yellow flashing light issue, you cannot cross Broadway even when your light is green because the staff leaving the hospital at that time are parked across Broadway waiting to get onto the Connector. Does this seem like a scenario for adding 1,200 more cars?

I ask you to walk in our shoes. I don’t ride a bike anymore, but I still have to be able to leave my neighborhood and get back home. This isn’t about radical nongrowth granola eaters. We are citizens and we vote.

Kathleen Anderson, Boise