Letters to the Editor

Letter: Obama

It is time to acknowledge President Obama’s accomplishments on the domestic as well as the international stage. Too many people complain that he is among our worst presidents, such as James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter. I say it depends on the standard you are measuring him by.

A person’s success is many times based on their parents’ examples and their foundational education. In the United States military, well-educated field grade officers are sent to the war colleges of their branch of service. The ultimate goal for these officers is to learn about America’s potential enemies and the resources and tactics needed to conquer our enemies. This pattern has been no different for President Obama. His early childhood education was flavored heavily with socialist philosophy of Karl Marx and others. When he was sent to the universities, he was schooled in further anti-American thought. He was taught in the tactics and resources available to defeat his perceived enemy, the United States Constitution.

The founders of the United States believed our country could not be conquered from external forces. President Obama believes it also. To achieve this destruction, the Constitution must be conquered from within America.

David Smith, Boise