Letters to the Editor

Letter: Random thoughts

1. Who wrote the mediocre review about the latest Cinderella movie and gave it only two stars? What misinformation! This is the most beautiful Cinderella movie ever. Beautiful in dialogue, message, scenery, costumes and love story.

2. About the Hindu “prayer” ... has anyone taken the time to learn about the Hindu religion, their way of life? They are inclusive of all religions and nonreligions. They do not worship thousands of gods as many westerners erroneously believe. They believe in one God. Since God is omnipresent (present everywhere in everything all the time), then doesn’t it follow that everything is an aspect, a form of God? The Hindu may pray to a specific form or energy for assistance. It is much like Catholics pray to the saints, St. Christopher for protection, other saints for fertility, financial and health assistance, etc.

Jesus is the reason Christianity was formed, and aren’t Christians supposed to emulate him, the very basic reason for Christianity? Has this been forgotten or ignored? It is a good idea in every situation to ask ourselves: What would Jesus do?

Judy Jung, Eagle