Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ag-gag law

A recent article in the Statesman asserts that Idaho so far has received no reports or complaints to prompt enforcement of our state’s ag-gag law. Bob Naerebout, executive director of Idaho Dairymen’s Association, replied, “Based on the response, the law is working.” What he might as well have said before ending that sentence is: Abusers can now safely beat our animals without fear of being exposed by those pesky undercover videographers.

In the same article, Kay Johnson Smith, president of Animal Agriculture Alliance, says, “Consumers who want to know more about their food would be better served by visiting farms on organized tours or watching videos on her organization’s website.” Seriously? Patronizing comments like these do nothing to change the fact that the ag-gag law was crafted to protect the wallets of those in the agriculture industry, at the expense of defenseless farm animals. Neither sanitized farm tours nor sappy television ads to promote the dairy industry can alter that reality.

Debi Closson, Boise