Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pheasants

Pheasant season begins this spring!

For 15 years Idaho for Wildlife Foundation has been raising pheasants and releasing them into suitable habitat in order to fight the sad deterioration in Idaho’s bird population. With a “soft release” at eight weeks, the poults are less vulnerable, and they have a flying chance of escaping predators. Last year we raised 3,500 poults, using brooders of our own design.

If you are interested in raising pheasant chicks, Idaho for Wildlife Foundation, (208) 883-3423, can sure use your help. If you have access to habitat you would like to improve for birds, we work with IDFG and will help you get technical assistance. IDFG has provided modest funding for some of the chicks we raise; more importantly, they have staff and access to paying landowner programs key to the turnaround sportsmen seek. If you want to raise birds or donate funds for feed and brooders, Idaho for Wildlife Foundation is a nonprofit corporation. All funds go into raising birds, improving habitat and building brooders and release pens.

It is a joy for you and your dog to see roosters with hens in an area where you released birds the prior year.

Jim Hagedorn, Viola