Letters to the Editor

Letter: Liberals

Now that we have heard the liberal political hubris floating around, it’s pretty clear to me, we are on the brink of what could be the best possible Democratic ticket for 2016. But before I reveal this genius team to take our country into total complete chaos, decay and dissolution, with an open mind and of sound mind and body, vote your “heart,” not the truth, not the reality, not the facts. Using liberal logic, only think with emotion. Remember, facts not allowed to enter into your decision. Just your emotion. OK, ths is it: Clinton/Bergdahl 2016. This is a “political marriage” made in heaven. It’s a shoe-in. On one hand you have the first woman president. On the other, you have an alleged deserter. Two firsts at once. Another first. Clinton’s husband has been impeached as president. The hits just keep on coming. If we’re lucky, Mrs. President would release all 2 milion-plus prisoners in our jails. An act of mercy. I feel so good just writing this. Think about it, kids. Clinton/Bergdahl. And you thought Obama did damage. Child’s play. The real problems are yet to come.

Dano Savino, Nampa