Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

I’m heartened to read that the Idaho Legislature wants to address the highway funding shortfall the state is experiencing. However, while the state’s conservatives are squabbling among themselves, I worry the shortfall will remain and the $262 million needed to address the state’s deplorable highway conditions will not receive its due. Appropriating less than the shortfall is like me sending California a couple of gallons of water and pronouncing the drought over. (Note: The Legislature voted on directing $95 million for the transportation shortfall before adjourning.)

Additionally, our legislators, held in thrall by corporations they call “job creators,” continue legislating unfair tax breaks. Wealthy residents will also receive this largess, and what we get are indifference and, at best, a minimum wage. Where are these so-called good jobs? It is obvious Idaho lawmakers equate minimum wage with good.

If corporations are people and deserve a $5,000 tax cut, then we all do. To do otherwise is discrimination. Are we not people? I want a $5,000 tax break, too. Unfortunately, we have a government that unfairly shakes down its residents to the benefit of a few.

Purge the incumbents. It’s what they deserve.

Jim Roach, Moscow