Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fair wages

Paul Krugman’s April 5 article titled “Business running out of excuses to limit wages” implies that corporations operate from nefarious motives and hide their efforts to deprive workers of fair compensation for labor provided. They don’t. And don’t you believe his version of “fair.” Krugman plays loose with facts and misconstrues everyday, intuitive, economic reality. Large and small businesses in our large economy compete for workers, paying what they must to win and keep workers with the requisite skills. To assume business should operate from benevolence is a false construct of the free market and human nature. A labor market flooded with unemployed competing for low-skill jobs drives wages down. Those with the best skills and willing to work get the job. The free market made the United States the most productive economy in the world’s history through competition. We are losing that honor under the weight of big-government mandates dictating every option we have. Folks thinking like Krugman make things worse. Do you believe in Krugman’s logic that a $30/hr minimum wage is a compassionate and workable law? If Krugman wants a $100 bowl of borscht he should open a restaurant and sample his own fare.

Mark Young, Meridian