Letters to the Editor

Letter: Concealed carry

Unfortunately for their cause, the Rev. Robert Spencer and Delores Aragon are misguided in the belief that America and Idaho would be better off without unrestricted concealed carry. The top-level data says exactly the opposite, when it is not cherry-picked for emotional and political purposes.

The U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime has released the data on 218 countries. Hardly a “conservative” mouthpiece, it unequivocally shows that with the highest number of guns per capita (91 per 100 people), the U.S. is 111 out of 218 in the rate of violent homicide (4.7 per 100,000 people). If the top 12 most violent cities/regions (the ones also having the most restrictive gun laws) are removed from the statistics, the U.S. falls almost to the bottom as the least violent of all countries on the planet.

Only by using cherry-picked statistics and emotional arguments does the ongoing myth of guns and violence in America persist by those on the left, the ignorant and misguided. The fact remains that it is such attempts at gun control that are actually responsible for killing people, not unrestricted concealed carry. There is only illogical, unreasonable and emotional argument of “constitutional” carry, not reasonable debate.

Jeff Wright, Lowman