Letters to the Editor

Letter: Societal problems

I have a news flash for Noah Smith, Bloomberg News. We as an American society do have behavior problems. Moral relativism speaks loudly to the number of single moms and the number of absent fathers. Our society, for the most part, has no basic rules or standards or codes that are solidly held to. We dare not judge what is right or wrong or we will be labeled judgmental. Many seem to have abundant time to march and protest about what they seem to feel they deserve. Others work hard every day to help those who receive assistance from our taxpayer contribution to the government.

Remember, ask not what your society can do for you, but what you can do for your society. These are behavior problems. Standing on the corner with a huge dog and a sign asking for help is telling me you think I should feed not only you but your giant dog. You state that marijuana is a harmless drug. Your opinion, not mine, and perhaps you also believe drinking is not a problem on our college campuses. These, my friend, are behavioral problems that anyone related to an alcoholic sees on a daily basis. We just received a letter from Sheriff Gary Raney asking for money, along with a crime report listing statistics of crimes in Idaho. Don’t try to tell me we don’t have behavior problems.

Peggy Stewart, Boise