Letters to the Editor

Letter: Horse racing

I am a horseman, although I made my living as a manager for the Heinz and Simplot Companies. If Mr. Roden (April 3), had been equally honest he would have initially stated that he is a lobbyist for the Coeur D’Alene Tribe which is sponsoring the repeal of instant horse racing.

Mr. Roden should have mentioned that the same Supreme Court ruling that eventually legalized gaming on Indian Reservations exempted them from state and local taxes. In a bizarre twist, through the power of money and lobbyists, the Indians have discovered a way for representation without taxation in Idaho. Mr. Roden should also have stated that the 2002 initiatives that legalized existing Indian gaming decreed that video gaming machines that are not activated by a handle or lever and do not dispense coins or tokens are defined “…..as neither slot machines nor imitations or simulations of any form of casino gaming.”

Since Indian casinos cannot be eliminated in Idaho, I propose that the State Legislature surround every Indian Reservation with a 50-mile zone, wherein casinos can be built that actually provide revenue to the citizens of Idaho. It is the only way to create fairness in the existing unfair world.

Dudley Ward, Kuna