Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fast food

TJ Thomson’s Healthy Initiatives is just another example of hypocritical politicians. He claims the government role is “protecting its residents.” The government doesn’t care about its residents any more than it cares about spring planting season in Bugtussle, Okla. For example, the government runs and aggressively markets state lotteries even though it knows the poor spend significantly more of their income on lottery tickets while there is virtually no chance of winning the jackpot. This hurts the poor financially but the government doesn’t care, it gets the money. Politicians really want to take control, power and money away from residents. How do I know this? Because it would be a lot easier just to close the high school campus than put a host of laws in place. The government could support healthy choices by limiting food assistance benefits to purchasing fresh foods rather than prepared foods, but the government doesn’t do this either, it doesn’t care. If kids are going to school with money to buy lunch, it likely came from the parents. Parents and kids caring for themselves is the solution. Remember, dependent people are easier for the government to control than independent people. Get some independence.

Greg Sweeney, Garden City