Letters to the Editor

Letter: Horse racing

I’m amused as usual with our Idaho Legislature. It seems that at the request of American Indian tribes and the sprinkling of gifts and political contributions, they have found it morally wrong to allow electronic betting on past races at the track. As betting is allowed on live racing it seemed a logical extension to allow betting on past races at the track. Anyone see a contradiction?

Idaho has a rich history of horse racing, and it would be a shame to lose part of our heritage over an issue that seems harmless in allowing this type betting that is needed to keep the track solvent.

Many good jobs, businesses and the state will suffer losses if this bill stands.

I tip my hat to the Legislature for their ability to do nearly nothing about the school and highway problems that need long term solutions and yet find the time to kill horse racing and make sure we all can now carry concealed weapons. You’re hilarious.

Note: Gov. Butch Otter vetoed the bill to kill the electronic horse racing, allowing the operators to continue temporarily.

Rocky Rotharmel, Boise