Letters to the Editor

Letter: Instant racing

If it waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck … it is a duck.

That adage applies to betting on “historical racing” and Gov. Butch Otter’s veto of legislation to ban the practice. I’ve been inside the ... establishments at Les Bois and Double Down. I’ve also been inside casinos in Jackpot, Las Vegas, Reno, etc. Les Bois and Double Down are casinos, and the machines inside them promote casino-style gambling. The outcome of games played on these machines has virtually nothing to do with horse racing.

I’m a fan of casinos — in Nevada. I’m also a fan of live horse racing, and I hope it continues in Idaho. Allowing local track owners to operate casinos doesn’t make sense, however. What’s next? If a grocery store’s sales are down, we allow its operators to place slot machines inside to attract more customers?

As for Gov. Otter claiming he is protecting “a precious part of Idaho’s Western culture,” I wish him luck cleaning the horse pucky off his boots. Now he’ll fill a commission with more of his cronies. And shame on the legislators who changed their votes and maintained the veto.

Chris Wood, Boise