Letters to the Editor

Letter: Uber

Regarding the Uber bill: Gov. Butch Otter took the coward’s way out by not signing it and just letting it go into effect. Then he has the audacity to quote, “Government closest to the people governs best.”

I don’t know if Otter, like I suspect numerous legislators, was paid off or not, but he did nothing to remove the stench from this bill. He’s allowing an out-of-state conglomerate to ride roughshod over Idaho.

Full disclosure, I’m a taxi owner/operator, but I have little love for the way the city has conducted itself the past few years with regard to our industry. However, for the state to hold a coup and usurp power rightfully belonging to local government is a travesty.

I fully intend to obtain a list of all legislators that sold their seats to the highest bidder and work for their removal in the next election. I know it’s a long shot in this monarchy, but this is one Republican who will no longer hold his nose and vote.

In conclusion, I’ll be laughing my head off the next time you start your whining when the feds ram another Obamacare-like measure down your throats. Shame on all of you.

Rod Wallace, Boise