Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gambling

Bogus Basin has had a couple of rough winters, due to lack of snow and competition from other activities. But I have a solution that can instantly save Bogus Basin and possibly the whole ski industry — historical ski racing machines. Install a couple hundred “instant ski racing” machines in Bogus Basin’s lodges and in their Boise offices and watch the money pour in.

Imagine the excitement of pushing a button every few seconds, watching spinning wheels and hearing clanging bells while a 2-inch-square screen in the far upper right corner shows the last three seconds of countless historical ski races featuring Jean-Claude Killy, Picabo Street, Bode Miller and other barely visible legends. These machines are virtual gold mines.

But why should these slot ... er, instant racing machines stop at saving the horse racing and ski industries? How about “historical hockey game machines” for the Idaho Steelheads, “instant car racing machines” at Meridian Speedway and “pari-mutuel baseball machines” at Hawks Stadium?

Since our governor believes they are constitutional (despite Idaho’s constitution specifically forbidding “slot machines or any simulation of slot machines”), let’s put them everywhere and change Boise’s name to Reno. A few well-placed political campaign contributions from each struggling industry should do the trick.

Sam Sandmire and Cary Hattabaugh, Boise