Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

Overall, St. Luke’s proposes to add thousands of patrons and employees, which of course adds thousands of drivers, while they close (yet another) street. Duh.

But our objections are not just about losing a street. You have to live here to understand. We have invested in our homes and paid for our streets in the hope (no longer expectation) of living a pleasant life in a pleasant town. But after all the previous expansions, we have the noise (ambulances and gawdawful helicopters) that would be outlawed under any other circumstances. The traffic is already difficult. The streets are lined with employee “creative” parkers, where possible. And since St. Luke’s is, proudly, a “no smoking area,” their employees now spread their butts over here.

I fear that the mayor and City Council will not have the strength to stand up against St. Luke’s’ bigness, its money and monetary threats. If this expansion is a good idea, perhaps we should close all the streets and build even bigger. I could actually say, “I live in St. Luke’s, Idaho.”

Yes, St. Luke’s should expand in Meridian or wherever they might benefit a community, not continue to destroy ours.

Kelly Matthews, Boise