Letters to the Editor

Letter: Religious freedom

I am a 34-year resident of Idaho. I take pride in our state. However, I read that there are leaders in our state who advocate against a particular religion. It seems to me that part of our core values are freedom of religion and tolerance.


1. About a third of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee voted to recommend that Idaho declare Christianity to be the official religion of the state of Idaho. I advocate complete neutrality by the state government on the subject of religion.

2. Three state senators walked out in protest of a Hindu prayer to open one day of the current session of the Senate, indicating disdain for “false gods.”

3. A legislator convened a lunchtime meeting with a dozen or more colleagues to listen to a very conspiratorial talk of how Muslims are supposedly plotting to impose their religion on Idaho.

4. A Bonneville County Republican newsletter recently published a similar story about the alleged dangers of Muslims in Idaho.

I believe most Idahoans do not share these prejudices, but it is not enough simply not to share them. We must all speak out publicly and privately against such religious prejudice.

William Brudenell, Boise