Letters to the Editor

Letter: Corporate America

Our treasured state park system is receiving one-fifth of the state funding it received in 2008. Who in the world can survive on one-fifth of any budget? To supplement their operations and make the parks “pay for themselves,” they are getting permission to put advertising on their media and physical facilities — brochures, buildings, tables, garbage cans. How wonderful that I no longer have to pay for the parks, and my taxes will drop. It’s been a long time coming and seems unstoppable. So let’s just admit defeat.

I want to check out a book from the Yum! Brands Library. There’s a rally tomorrow on the steps of the Albertsons Capitol Building. Break the law, and you’ll end up in the Corrections Corporation of America State Prison. If you exceed the speed limit a Smith & Wesson sheriff will pull you over in her Lithia Ford cruiser. If your car breaks down you can always ride the Exxon Mobil bus across town. I’m calling my Idaho Power congressman to inquire about the utility rate increase he is supporting.

And here we have Idaho winging its way to fame.

Shunning the federal funds and groveling for corporate names.

Daniel Reed, Boise