Letters to the Editor

Letter: VA gym

I’m writing to the editor because I find being a veteran, and not being able to use a gym that’s put in use for veterans, is quite appalling. I recently went to the Veteran Administration’s gymnasium and was told by the police chief on the installation that I could not use it. When I asked why he stated it was for outpatients and employees of the VA. Now, what’s so odd to me is I’m a 22-year veteran lucky enough to be in good health, and not needing therapy, and somehow my contributions do not count. Something is truly wrong with this picture. I’ve gone there before and have never been turned away, and to put salt in the wounds, most of the time there are no people even utilizing this facility. Because after 4 p.m., when most of the clinics on the post are closed, the gym is empty. So if someone could explain why a veteran is being turned away from a VA facility, I’m all ears. I think this story needs to be told.

Freddie H. Mathis, Garden City