Letters to the Editor

Letter: Middle class

Apparently April Fools’ Day comes early in Pocatello. At least that is what the letter from Sherrie Goff would demonstrate. She suggests that the conservatives, Republicans and “rich people” have done nothing to help the people of Idaho. Poor Ms. Goff neither understands economics nor our capitalist system. She seems to think that the middle class and poor create jobs. For whom do these people work? Hmmmm ...

She also asserts that lower taxes on the “rich people” do not create jobs and that the boom in the Reagan years through trickle-down did not work. Wrong again. By significantly lowering the top tax rates, the businesses did expand and create more jobs as they had more available funds. Four times more jobs than are presently being created. And, raising the minimum wage will not create more jobs, it will decrease the number of jobs. When those wages increase, the cost of associated goods and services must rise concurrently. Things will cost more, Ms. Goff, and your dollar will not stretch near as far. Maybe a couple of courses in both micro- and macro-economics are needed for you to understand that about which you speak.

William R. Logsdon Sr., Boise