Letters to the Editor

Letter: Middle class

All you need to know about corporate control of the government and the collusion of both parties can be found in the “Trans-pacific Partnership.” The first clue is that you know nothing about it, and neither party wants you to know. It is a corporate giveaway that undermines American sovereignty, and will continue the destruction of the middle class. For all their hatred of President Obama, the Republicans are snuggled up with him on this. Why? because the wealthy and powerful buy politicians who bend the rules in their favor. They own the media, and those who criticize never climb the career ladder. They pit us against one another, and laugh all the way to the bank. The empire is run in their interest, for their interests. The empire needs cannon fodder. Don’t think of it as another dead American boy, but another uniform needed, another bullet, another bomb, and stock prices rise.

Global warming. Think of the smoking debate. Smoking causes cancer. Early in the fight only company scientists denied it, as oil company scientists do today. Thousands died while that pretend debate raged. Then only you died, and now the world is threatened. Camel, eye of needle, heaven. Sad.

Troy Ingraham, Boise