Letters to the Editor

Letter: GMOs

The nature of certain products dictates that some harmful impacts will not become apparent for decades. Tobacco is the classic example, and also a case where industry scientists had evidence of harm well before the general public and hid it (Google “product defense industry,” a.k.a. PDI).

Fen-phen and Vioxx are other infamous examples.

Will GMO become another such cautionary tale of precaution ignored? Scientists are prohibited from doing research on legally obtained GMO seeds, which suppresses evidence of long-term GMO risk, and big Biotech’s PDI apparatus is well-established and deep-pocketed. No wonder evidence of harm seems scarce.

Does that mean no “research” is occurring? Not really. Our farms and grocery stores are the labs and consumers are the lab rats. Most processed foods contain GMO; we are thus unwitting participants in GMO’s vast and profitable experiment.

I believe in my right to opt out of the GMO experiment. My argument here is not about risk but about liberty, and my right to not purchase GMO products.

The solution is simple: “This product contains GMO ingredients.” We have the right to be so informed. There is no legitimate reason not to add the letters: GMO.

Jim Severson, Boise