Letters to the Editor

Letter: Climate change

Thank you, Rocky Barker, for writing the column addressing climate change and science. The evidence is clear that the climate is changing in a very serious, dangerous direction, threatening the lives of humans and all life. It is affecting snowpack and water levels. If the current trend continues, we will no longer have snow at McCall or Sun Valley. Bogus is already in jeopardy. Ignoring this issue is terrible for recreation and agriculture, two main bases of the Idaho economy.

The science is clear that human activity is affecting the climate; to deny this fact is dangerous to our very future, and it seems the future is now. There are still things we can do to help slow this dangerous change, starting with carpooling, grouping driving errands, and judicious use of our own personal resources. At best we can help the situation by conserving; at worst, we can destroy life on this planet by refusing to accept our responsibility for its future. We are the stewards of this planet. We must accept the fact that we are the only ones who can do anything to help. Thank you, Rocky Barker and the Idaho Statesman, for printing his column.

Wendy R. Stevens, Boise