Letters to the Editor

Letter: Concealed carry

The ongoing efforts to weaken concealed carry laws are concerning. Advocates claim this will make us safer. One claimed these changes have made crime rates go down. But violent crimes have been declining for the last 20 to 30 years, long before these changes. I am concerned that quick access to guns will make people more aggressive in any confrontation. Traffic problem? Pull your gun, etc. This will not be good. My neighbor, a nice, educated man, was packing a sidearm the other night. He said, “I’m not a gun nut. But with ‘no retreat laws’ I will shoot anyone that enters my property.” This makes us safer?

More people will get killed — fathers, brothers. Good people. A child shoots her mother. A child shoots another child. A professor shoots himself. And you won’t find these incidents in crime statistics. NRA has seen to that.

Had Andrew Zimmerman not had a gun the night he and Trayvon Martin had their confrontation, they may have gotten into a fight, but because there was a gun, one got killed and another’s life was ruined. Carry a gun in case something happens? Eventually it will and your life will be changed forever.

Richard Ringelstetter, Boise