Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

It seems a bit ironic that on March 30 the Idaho Senate sent an anti-bullying bill to the governor to sign into law to protect those threatened and intimidated by tyrants. At the same time, St. Luke’s seems to be threatening and intimidating the East End neighborhood with similar bullying tactics. Is it too late to get a rider on this bill?

The current “process” seems to be completely devoid of any real credibility to working out a solution between St. Luke’s and the city. Their plan was presented as a done deal, no discussion, no neighborhood input. Those most affected, and we will be negatively and permanently affected, are the East End neighborhood; but we were, and continue to be, ignored.

If you are going to spend $400 million on improvements and renovations of your current facility, are you trying to tell the city and neighborhood that you have looked at many alternatives and this is the only plan that will make your program work? Please show us some of your concepts. I am sure the city and neighborhood would approve variances to help you achieve your goal, and keep Jefferson Street open.

Douglas Peterson, Boise