Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

It seems to me that the St. Luke’s expansion plan has gone from to close Jefferson or not to close Jefferson to “do you want health care or not.” This isn’t about wanting or not wanting health care; this is about St. Luke’s wanting to close a road that is very valuable to the East End. This is about losing connectivity to downtown; this is about the 13,000 extra trips a day (information given at the ACHD meeting) and how the surrounding roads will handle the extra traffic in an area where the streets are at or near capacity. This is about the extra helicopter traffic in the neighborhood, because now St. Luke’s will have their trauma care downtown. This is about St. Luke’s wanting to build a massive building that will not fit in with the rest of the surrounding neighborhoods or with the blueprint for Boise.

We appreciate St. Luke’s and their great doctors and nurses, and we value having them as a neighbor. We hope that they will return to the sort of behavior that made them such great neighbors in the first place.

Sheila Grisham, Boise