Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

No, closing Jefferson Street is not a “must” for St. Luke’s expansion. Redesigning this medical mess is a must to preserve and maintain Boise’s quality urban environment.

Closing Jefferson Street would leave only two east-west streets: Main Street to Warm Springs (westbound) and Warm Springs to Idaho Street (eastbound), to connect Boise’s East End with Downtown.

Too many streets have been closed to accommodate St. Luke’s closed-campus plan. Avenue A has been obliterated from Idaho Street to Jefferson, Bannock Street has been closed from 1st to Avenue B, and now St. Luke’s demands Jefferson Street from 1st to Avenue B. St. Luke’s plan disrupts the orderly layout of street grids, causing increased traffic on fewer streets. St. Luke’s is also buying land on the south side of Main Street. Expansion in that direction will, of course, impact the traffic flow on the remaining arterials of Idaho and Main streets.

Years ago, Saint Al’s moved to its Curtis Street location; St. Luke’s chose to stay downtown. We must not be coerced to concede the city’s valuable assets for a closed-campus plan that is incompatible with Boise’s urban-residential design. Please contact City Council and voice your concerns regarding St. Luke’s plan.

Kay L. Dougall, Boise