Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s plan and Jefferson Street

I am writing to express my opposition to St Luke’s plan to close Jefferson St. I live two blocks east of St Luke’s, and personally I have nothing against them. When a car plastered me on my bike ride home from Hyde Park, I was glad St Luke’s was close by, and that I had a short ambulance trip to the hospital. But for that very reason, smaller streets are more important than ever to me for bicycle riding, not just for me but also for my kids. I don’t ride Fort St. anymore. I’ve gone down that road (literally), and it left me permanently debilitated. Jefferson is the road I ride to the Saturday Farmer’s Market, Sunday Irish music jam, and everything else I do downtown. And Jefferson is the only small street anywhere close that crosses the major boulevards. As a community we need to balance business interests with livability. No, I don’t mind living next to a hospital, and yes there are some advantages. But I don’t want to live next to a medical-industrial complex, especially if it means cutting me off from the rest of the city, or forcing me to take additional risks.

Matthew Kohn, Boise