Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s proposal will affect quality of life

Boise’s rectangular street grid westward and eastward is distorted and funneled south due to the foothills and is eventually cut off by the river. City street grid distortion peaks at the Fort Street, Warm Springs, and Broadway intersections. It must have been a sincere design headache for our forefathers laying out roads accommodating our geography; but, they did a nice job with their challenge. Traffic, now at congested levels, through this narrow street grid funnel worked. Surrounding neighborhoods flourished over time becoming desirable historic features of our community. This spirit prompts many refreshing renovations to our historic properties and helps keep the neighborhood vibrant. People are attracted to Boise for this very reason; an easy, uncomplicated commute, through interesting, attractive, non-industrial hometown streets.

The St Luke’s proposed expansion plan destroys the charming historic nature of the surrounding neighborhood. This industrial sized footprint belongs somewhere on the outskirts of town in an area open to development enabling realistic accommodation to its size and the inevitable increase in traffic generated.

Forgetting historic values. Consider quality of life for you living in other parts of the city if forced to abandon your values and submit to an industrial complex in your back yard.

Paul Kelly, Boise