Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

Anytime, it seems, is a good time for a tax cut for the wealthy. How else can you explain the Legislature’s attempt to reduce the tax liability for upper-income earners in Idaho? The wealthy are doing extraordinarily well today thanks to a six-year bull stock market and President Obama’s policies, and the focus should instead be on ways to help low- and middle-income earners. While with one hand the state is raising taxes for roads and bridges that disproportionately affects those who make less (the rich don’t drive more miles or eat more groceries than the poor, so the percentage of taxes they pay on these items is far less), with the other hand it’s giving money that could be used for those roads and handing it back to the wealthiest in the state. Clearly the priority for this Republican-led state is to put more money in the hands of the top 1 percent.

Bill Geiger, Eagle