Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hindu prayer

I have read many of the letters regarding the state legislators who walked out on the prayer offered by a Hindu leader at a recent session. I have not read any letters in which the writer went directly to the ultimate source: Jesus Christ.

He dealt with a similar situation when he met the Samaritan woman at a well (John 4). She saw his label as “Jew” and he saw hers as “Samaritan.” She tried to use their differences as a reason to not speak to each other. He took God’s way and changed her label to “A Child of God” and spoke to her.

In speaking to her, Jesus told her how she could fill the God-shaped hole in her soul, the one she tried to fill with five marriages that failed.

His words changed her life, by seeing her for who she really was. That’s called love.

Jack Mauch, Garden City