Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hindu prayer

A Hindu prayer was given to open our state Legislature. Three Christians walked away. Most of your letters of opinion have condemned them for their actions. As American Hindus have every right to pray to any of their many gods, but not to open our sessions.

Our money still has In God We Trust and do we not sing “God Bless America”? Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln prayed to God and not at the many gods.

Don’t condemn the “three” for following their conscience. There are those of us who think that their stand took courage. You who follow the herd may find yourselves in a very strange place. It just may be possible to be too open-minded and politically correct. You have the right.

We also have rights as thinking Christians who happen to remember our history as a nation. We know why God has blessed America in the first place, and why we want him to continue his blessings. Praying to foreign gods is not the way. Our God is a jealous God and cannot accept other gods, and neither should we.

Phyllis Marsh, Meridian