Letters to the Editor

Letter: Congress

I can see now why Congress is known as a dictator, do-nothing Congress. Between the ex-mayor of NY and Huose Speaker John Boehner, I do not know who is dumber. Both are a dumb as a bucket of rocks. They claim President Barack Obama does not like America or Americans. Obama is the one that is trying to help middle class, low income and seniors. All Boehner cares about is the Republicans rich friends that keep them in Congress. If Republicans had to work for 7.25 an hour, there would be no Republicans in Congress. They vote themselves a raise and live off the government. They are too dumb to get another job since all they do is sit on their thumbs and veto bills that Obama wants and complain if he uses his Executive Power, at least he is helping people. Two years ago Congress shut down America because they were upset with Obama. Now this year, knowing there are terrorists in every state, some in the GOP held up money for Homeland Security to protect America. That shows Boehner does not care what happens to America. None of Congress are Christians. Christians do not treat Christians that way.

Donna Diehl, Boise