Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

If the Republican-controlled legislature had followed the advice of Jesus, the Republicans could have avoided much of the nonsense that occurred during this session.

For example, Jesus urged his followers to pray in private (Matt. 6:5-7). Had the Legislature obeyed Jesus there would have been no Hindu prayer flap. Jesus repeatedly urged his followers to give to the poor and the “least of these.” Children were a special concern of Jesus. Thus, the Legislature should have fully funded education and Medicaid and added the words. Since Jesus said nothing about abortion, gay marriage, guns or creationism, the Legislature should quit wasting our time and money on those nonissues.

As to taxes, the legislature should raise them on the rich to help the rich get through the eye of the needle and into heaven. After all, it’s what Christian economics demands (Acts 2:45).

Gary L. Bennett, Emmett