Letters to the Editor

Letter: Volunteers

How good it is we live where we do? I enjoy the Foothills each day, finding my “safe place” where I thank the man above for being in a free nation.

Everyone should have a safe place where they can feel free and enjoy what they have. But all you who constantly complain, sending email after email, should get off your behinds, go volunteer someplace, help people who need help — if not a veteran, then someone else. But get involved.

Helping others will make you feel better. Stop being so upset. Stop sitting at a computer all day. All my brothers and sisters from the Vietnam War, be proud of our service. Be a mentor to the younger veterans. War is hell, and we need to stop complaining and get involved. Remember those great Americans who served our nation in WWII. If you have one in your community, go visit them and thank them. We are losing them, since most are in their 90s, but a kind word and a visit would brighten their day.

Thank you, veterans, for your service to our great nation. Get out there and help someone.

Phil Hawkins, Boise