Letters to the Editor

Letter: Infrastructure

Listening to the “50 thousand watt” radio station of the Treasure Valley reporting on Friday’s (March 6) accident on I-84 reminded me of a major issue I posed while running an extremely conservative campaign for mayor of Meridian against an incumbent whose mission statement for Meridian included a key word: “transform.” (For those who recall, the current president of these United States used the same word.)

With the endorsements of Meridian Chamber of Commerce, Building Contractors Association and financial support of entities such as Micron to name just a few, uncontrolled growth was a main concern of mine while campaigning; insufficient infrastructure (not limited to Meridian) to support said growth is reflected in snarled traffic on, not only I-84, but area streets and overpasses. Arguments can, have and will be made regarding both as structural deterioration, lack of sufficient capacity (directly related to uncontrolled growth) and other elements considered.

The aforementioned accident is not unusual; neither is the aftermath resulting from such events.

No, the part that reminded me of the taxonomy and angst of those who spoke with their vote for “hope and change” in the 2008 presidential election.

Randy A. Pew, Meridian