Letters to the Editor

Letter: No to bullying

I am very impressed with Grace Soto from South Junior High School who graciously stepped up in defense of D. W. Trantham. It was an act of compassion and understanding on Grace’s part. Awesome.

Three weeks ago, Miss Idaho High Schooler, Nicole Jerome, spoke to the youth at my church. Her topic was on a program called B.R.A.V.E. (Building Respect and Value for Everyone). This program outlines the seriousness of bullying in Idaho schools. Thank you Nicole. What happened at S.J.H. to D.W. was a very serous act of bullying by a group of students and parents. D.W. is a very strong young person who accepts herself as she is. Miss. Soto is someone who understands that the affect of bullying causes hurt and pain. Miss. Soto and students who stood up and wore stickers for D.W. are awesome.

There are those who choose to make a positive difference in the lives of others - and those who don’t. Which ‘label’ will you be remembered by? Be a buddy, not a bully.

Lorrie Baer, Boise