Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

I’m a pediatric emergency physician and department chairman for St. Luke’s Treasure Valley ERs. I was reminded how lucky we are to live here when my daughter was injured recently.

In December, my 10-year-old broke her arm. These were bad fractures. Even though I know what a great job we do, I was scared for her pain and her future. The paramedics had my daughter splinted and we were at St. Luke’s in Downtown Boise in no time. Emergency department access was easy, rooms were available, pain medications and X-rays were prompt. The setting of my daughter’s arm was so skilled that surgery wasn’t needed. She’s back to gymnastics.

We have lots to be grateful for. I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Orange County, and received medical training in San Diego. I can tell you about traffic, marathon waits in the ER, and poor access to specialists. We don’t have those issues here. As a father and ER physician, I am glad to have St. Luke’s services where they are. I am aware of concerns around the St. Luke’s Boise Downtown plan, but I am more concerned about what we may lose if St. Luke’s can’t modernize.

Kenny Bramwell, M.D., Boise