Letters to the Editor

Letter: Idaho government

The issue of broadband Internet service to Idaho schools has taken an interesting turn. With the voiding of the contract with IEN, schools were told to scramble and find their own Internet providers. It appears most of them were successful in doing this quickly. What I find so interesting is that they were able to realize cost reductions of 60-90 percent in the process.

This stinks of government incompetence, but I think part of that stench comes from malfeasance as well. Will this be investigated by the Legislature? I am not holding my breath waiting for them to do the right thing.

While we see battles over how much money will be allocated to the schools, in the midst of this Internet debacle, we find out that we are all paying 3-5 times what this critical Web access would cost now that schools have been forced to configure their own ISP details.

Taken together with the reprehensible situation at our prison with CCA, we now have solid evidence of either incredible ignorance or outright thievery. Take your pick. We elected them. Will they own up to trying to find the truth here? Or will this quietly go away?

John Lodal, Boise