Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

After many months of reading letters to the editor it appears the best supporting argument for the closure of Jefferson Street is, “No one really uses this street except odd-ball cyclists that refuse to be inconvenienced by some minor rerouting of bikes, pedestrians and vehicles around an enlarged St. Luke’s campus.” Fortunately, the majority of downtown Boise residents understand that this is an oversimplification of the issue, devised to minimize the seriousness of St. Luke’s requirement to close Jefferson Street.

To obtain an accurate account of the many concerns voiced by the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission and local residents, please review the Feb. 9, 2015, meeting transcripts. In addition, take time to review Blueprint Boise, specifically section CC3.24, Design Principles for Neighborhoods. Ask St. Luke’s to genuinely engage neighborhood residents to produce a more sustainable plan that does not include the closure of Jefferson Street.

On Tuesdaythe Boise City Council will consider St. Luke’s Master Plan at a work session that is open to the public on the third floor of City Hall. If you value community values and connectivity, please attend this hearing and let your opinion be heard.

Otis Means, Boise